Understanding is Everything

Applied General Intelligence’s mission is to create machines that understand all human information and to harness this power for the benefit of every living being.

At Applied General Intelligence, we’re building a cognitive agent with human-level natural language understanding capabilities to tackle some of the most difficult natural language problems: open domain factoid question answering, hierarchical decision making, and contextually relevant dialog systems. Guided by a Theory of Mind, our knowledge-constrained, data-driven neoGOFAI reasoning model is the perfect fusion of rule-based, hardcoded GOFAI and big-data driven neural network based deep learning and it is the very foundation of our cognitive architecture. 

By fundamentally reimagining the way humans interface with intelligent machines, we are enabling a future bounded only by imagination – a future which is socially beneficial, accountable and fair. A human language enabled cognitive system provides exciting and entirely new domains of human-machine interaction, novel approaches to solving complex existing problems, and innovative possibilities to reduce the global suffering quotient. 

Above all else, we are focused on teaching intelligence to equalize opportunity, democratize information, and operationalize initiatives for everyone’s benefit. 

Utilizing less than 1% of their total resources (human, data, computing and energy), our technology has already exceeded our biggest competitors in raw performance on Stanford Question and Answer Dataset (SQuAD).